In the Air we Share

Es nicht nicht ganz sicher, wieviel Stufen nun zum Studio des Orakels im Hausmannsturm hochführen, aber der Aufstieg hat schon mal drei Passagen: Die erste ist aus Stein, die zweite ist aus Holz, die dritte Treppe aus Metall, das unter den Schritten quiekt und vibriert. Dann sind wir oben und über der Stadt und an dem Ort angekommen, an dem »In the Air we Share« seine Premiere haben wird.
(Übersetzung folgt–>) »In the Air we Share« is a piece for three radios on three different frequencies by Sarah Washington. Each radio broadcasts a different section of the text that deals with body experiences. The voices shift from different languages (English, German, Portugese being among them) to similar, same or changing descriptions of physical states. They tell you how it feels going through a set of Qi Gong meditations, subtle narratives, oscillating between everyday moments and those of a very much refined frame of mind.
As the voices mingle the wind blows hard. Down below marketplace and city lie in bird’s perspective,  the view onto the horizon is different. Ricardo tells me about the clouds in Brazil, that they tower much much higher than in Europe. Further up, just between the towers, a sports plane has a banner attached to it, red on yellow: »Will you marry me?«
»Yes, we want to, all of us, whoever you are«!!!
Wind and cold make need for a heartwarming drink so Mr. Langer-Phillipsen shares a fine vodka with us. In the air we share!

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