Festival-Book: Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art

The festival Radio Revolten 2016 and the book “30 Days of Radio Art” reclaim FM radio as an open-access medium for cultural use. “30 Days of Radio Art” covers the presented artworks and daily events of Radio Revolten alongside contemporary thinking by radio activists and artists on the current and future use of their material and medium of choice. It is written in English and features specially commissioned photographs.



The book about the festival has been written by a mixture of key organisers, artists, thinkers and observers.

EDITED BY: Knut Aufermann, Helen Hahmann, Sarah Washington, and Ralf Wendt
WITH ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS BY: Xentos Fray Bentos, Anna Friz, Hartmut Geerken, Lucinda Guy, Martin Hartung, Lukas Holfeld, Udo Israel, Miuki Jokiranta, Tina Klatte, Jan Langhammer, Sophea Lerner, Michael Nicolai, Gabi Schaffner, Helen Thein, Nina Westermann, Gregory Whitehead, Florian Wüst, Elisabeth Zimmermann, et al.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcus-Andreas Mohr
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Nastia Bessarabova

The book was published on 14th March 2019. You can order the book for 28 Euro + shipping in the shop of Radio CORAX. Find the book also in the online shop of The Wire Magazine.

Since January 2020 you can download an E-BOOK version of the book for free: Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radioart.

Radio Revolten invited many of the significant artists currently engaged in thinking about and creating artistic radio practices. Radio Revolten was devised both as an event to stake a claim for the genre of radio art, and as a showcase demonstrating how far the art form has developed to date. This book covers the myriad of radio activities which occurred during the festival, and will also examine radio art from different perspectives, approaches and angles. Structurally, Radio Revolten was composed of five main sections: stage performances, the collectively made Radio Revolten Radio on 99.3 FM and 1575 AM, exhibitions featuring radio art installations and radical local radio history, radio art and activist conferences, and artist-led workshops.

The festival utilised 17 different venues in the city of Halle, including the two adjacent old buildings which we completely restored to create a performance venue (with bar, café and garden) and 400 m2 of exhibition space; one FM and one AM frequency; 84 commissioned artists from 21 countries and more than 100 additional artistic collaborators; the participation of over 200 local and visiting radio activists and media scholars; more than ten thousand festival visitors; more than 40 radio stations from 17 countries who syndicated broadcasts; more than a hundred thousand listeners; 69 partners and sponsors; and a team of around 100 people who coordinated, organised and volunteered.

„30 Days of Radio Art“ documents the proceedings of Radio Revolten and embeds them into a discourse about the opportunity of art to alter radio, and of radio to influence art. The individual chapters offer a kaleidoscope of viewpoints based around themes that arose before, during, and after the festival.