At the Radio Revolten Club venue in Rathausstraße 3 there will be radio art performances nearly every evening of October. A variety of live art and music will be performed by an array of international artists who work on the airwaves: ranging from atmospheric soundscapes to live dramatic or comic action to musical uses of radio technology. These free public events will be transmitted live on the Radio Revolten FM frequency of 99.3 in Halle, MW 1575 and streamed via this website.

In addition, surprising radio art happenings will pop up on the streets of Halle, and organised events will enliven the central market square. The opening concert by London’s Resonance Radio Orchestra will take place in the Ulrichskirche concert hall, a few minutes away from the Radio Revolten Club. There will be daily encounters with the artist Marold Langer-Philippsen in the Hausmann’s Towers, and a performance by Alessandro Bosetti will take place in cooperation with Deutschlandradio Kultur.

Late evenings in the Club will be brought to life by a varied mixture of local and international music acts and DJs.

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