A central part of the Radio Revolten festival is its 24/7 radio art station that can be heard from 1st – 30th October on 99.3 FM in Halle (Saale), MW 1575 and worldwide via our webstream. Test transmissions will start as early as 19th September and further channels of distribution are currently being investigated.

The programme itself is designed to be a type of gallery that can be experienced via radio in every house, car, office or smart phone. A programme that relishes the work of all festival artists and that of hundreds more who will be included through a brisk exchange of radiophonic ideas. Unbound in format and implementation Radio Revolten Radio can evolve into a Gesamtkunstwerk, a catalogue of answers to the question “What is radio art?”

The programme schedule was published online in early September and 40,000 households in Halle (Saale) will receive a printed version at the end of September.

A network of 35 radio stations world wide will syndicate parts of the festival programme, and DAB station Resonance EXTRA in Brighton, UK will relay the whole month live.

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