Das Große Rauschen 2

“The Arthur Craven Memorial Boxing Match”, also written by Ed Baxter, is actively on stage.
The text is spoken by Emilia Portaluppi, Daniel Villar, Rodrigo Rios and Carmen Gonzalez. As the performance is in Spanish,  listening becomes a journey into the rhythm and sound of the Chilean accent. Each member of the group holds a bunch of papers in their hands. “The Arthur Craven Memorial Boxing Match” is remarkably text-based.The sheets fall to the floor one after one after having been read… and they are falling and falling while my ears try to pick up on the language and my thoughts get lost in between the words and sounds.

Resonance Radio Orchestra

Myke Dodge Weiskopf, draped in a wide blue tunic, has just started on his totally mesmerizing „All night Flight“ – performance. The laptop stand recalls an altar (though a rather small one), decorated with three apples on three corners. Blankets are spread on the floor, the audience a tangle on limbs and bodies. A striped sofa sits in the middle of the room, surrounded by comfy chairs. The air tingles with the mournful beeps of satellite signals, the rumble of thunder, helicopter sounds, snippets of accidentally recorded musical fragments.  Myke’s „Shortwavemusic“ will go on until dusk, the audience is invited to stay on… wrapped up in blankets and transmission and dreams until the sun rises.

nightflight1 sleep-streifen