FM for Culture! Revolten-Artists start a Radio-Manifesto

Photo: Nastia Bessarabova

A Radio Revolt will take place in Halle (Saale) throughout October, which will widely claim the VHF radio space, and demand „FM for Culture” for the upcoming decade. The International Radio Art Festival Radio Revolten starts filling the VHF frequencies culturally and artistically. Through the whole month 100 Radio artists from 17 countries will demonstrate the importance of the medium, and write a Radio-Manifesto together, which will challenge the socially established function of radio. Even before the festival over 20 international radio artists, such as Gregory Whitehead, Felix Kubin, Sarah Washington and Hartmut Geerken voiced their opinions and raised their first demands:

Radio is public, so it can not adapt to mainstream tastes. Sales and popularity ratings have nothing to do with quality. Quality is older than it’s packaging – Felix Kubin (GER), musician, electric music performer and radio play producer

Let us imagine and then create a radio art that restores vital imagination to the dumb-numb social brain – Gregory Whitehead (US), writer, radiomaker and audio artist

How do we transmit and receive radio in the open, beyond our acoustically sealed spaces of familiar and comforting reassurance? How does radio quit its habit of answering our questions and satisfying our needs, and instead question our answers and perturb our satisfaction? – Emmanuel Madan (CA), sound artist and composer

the possibility to use ‘neutral’ means like microphones, recording tools etc. would provide a space for refurbishing communications within a society;of course not before a complete re-set of the common way of broadcasting like timing, moderation, manner of speaking – Marold Langer-Philippsen (DE), radio artist and performer

Radio as space. Where programs are also made live through micro studios in smartphones from locations around the world. Where streaming and broadcast create different channels and not just their duplication. It’s time for extraordinary normality.
– Roberto Paci Dalò (IT), musician and composer

The Corax-programreader in October is a pre-Manifest

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