Duo Infernal

22. Oct, 11:15 remembering 20. Oct, 19:20

The Websters dictionary offers the following meanings of „infernal“:
hellish; fiendish; diabolical: an infernal plot.
extremely troublesome, annoying, etc.; outrageous: an infernal nuisance.
of, inhabiting, or befitting hell.
Classical Mythology. of or relating to the underworld.

So, was Geerken’s & Don Moye’s concert in the lecture hall of the Botanic garden hell… or heaven?
It was definitely outrageously stunning, hellish diverse, and inhabiting a heavenly (or hellish for some) realm where music is free to take whatever form you might give it in the shape of cymbals, drums, bird pipes, xylophones, table harps, Asian flutes, self built kalimbas, knots of mussels, bongos, gongs,  desk bells, bamboo sticks, wooden trumpets, – and radios too.
The table that took the full width of the room was entirely covered with instruments. I sat close and I counted on a stretch of maybe two meters already 22 different sounding objects.

Much of the music was percussive,  starting with a booming drum duo and much was owed the the African roots of jazz. But these roots grew every couple of minutes into full grown musical plants, plants with wildly striped leaves, lush foliage and colorful blossoms. There were all shapes and textures: Flowers like elephants and some like stalking tigers, spiky bushes spilling metal notes and also, in between, very tender and fragile plants with fine stems and minuscule yellow, pink and white flowers.
The two man paced leisurely up and down the table, one joining the other in constant changes of resounding objects. The areal roots of their infernal creation entwined with the microphones, with the aura of the plants brought in by the audience, stirred unforetold vibrations in the body and via transmission send their sonic tendrils far into the ether.