Madonnas in Buzz

11. Okt, 17:05

Finally! Visiting Joyce Hinterding’s installation at the Moritzburg on an already semi-dark drizzly Halle afternoon.
The glass cabinets hold blood-weeping madonnas, dying St. Sebastians, altar pieces from the 15th century and sacral miniatures carved from soap stone. Blue afternoon light flows through the windows  and contrasts with the amazing copper „screen“ spanned between the supporting columns of the vault. Hinterding’s installation is a work with grandeur.



For a more precise technical-easthetical description one may refer to Radio Revolten’s information sheets: When I was there I was mostly concerned by the interplay of light, sound, space and color.
Wandering about the room my steps reverberate from the walls, and with every change of movement the arcs of light behind and on the copper wire change tone and shape. The electric energies and fields of the space are transformed into a buzzing sound field that fills the room.


Aeeriology establishes a secular „wave world“ next the the sacral one. By the foot of one of the pillars an oscillator shows the frequency pattern in glimmering green… whereas I would say that the color of the audible wave stream filling the room is light-grey with nuances of Indian yellow. A greenish hue also beset the fall of the folds of the different madonnas, shimmered on their foreheads and cheeks. Gold and wood, glass and stone, the corporeality of copper and the immaterial pull of subtle energies…  a roundelay of complimentary contrasts that mirror their credo in the downcast eyes of the sacral beauties.


I advise to go there alone. Best on a drizzly afternoon.