Mikrowave Meringues 1

5. Okt in hindsight: 20:30, 4th Okt.
What had happened in my dream was a shift from soap to pizza, a subconscious beatification of the smell that evaporated from Kristen Roos’ microwave ovens during the fabulous sonic performance of him together with Anna Friz and Jeff Kolar. Seldomly olfactory elements leading to sculptures on plates form part of the electroacoustic arts.


As the three of them had never played together I made a short interview with them after the show. I wanted to know what different elements were assigned to each’s parts and arts. At this moment I lack time for transcription, this will follow.

Luckily Kristen had done a sketch of a proposed score and so here it is with a view of soap „baisers“, being a by product of his microwave frequency transformations to music.  score