Radio Fall… 12 Hours to Go!

Dear Readers, your diarist is presently curing her head with a dose of mushroom jazz and lots of cold green tea. She’s sorting yesterday’s pictures and some other cued up blog entries. Days have flown by as quickly as the leaves drop off the trees and every single day of these past 4 weeks I’ve found that this diary contains far too little of those small and/or peculiar observations that  form the core of one’s feelings about some event (or person).

What about the incredible friendliness and competence of the Revolten staff?  What about the flowers and cakes of the cosy café? What about all the daily enhancements in the building… curtains and smoker’s lounge that have turned up, the luxury (ever since) of three routers to connect to the internet. The funny and inspiring chats springing up from every encounter?

All this love and care Radiorevolten is showering on you, all the art and friendliness to bathe in: Enjoy it. Every hour… there are still 12 of them left from now!