Radio Revolten at the former Department of Physics

2nd October – 30th October 2016
Opening times: by guided tour daily at 15:00, closed on Wednesdays. Meeting point in front of the former Department of Physics
Admission: free, no registration necessary

Knut Aufermann “Changing of the Guard”

Radio stations have an interest in avoiding long stretches of silence (a.k.a dead air) in their output. A device called silence bridge is therefore inserted into the transmission chain which automatically plays prerecorded music when a certain duration of silence is detected.

“Changing the Guard” offers an artistic alternative for this technically essential field: a continuously playing sound installation as source for the silence bridge as well as constantly available sound element to bridge gaps in the radio programme.

Every day of the festival a new version of the installation will play. This “changing of the guard“ can be witnessed daily (except Wednesdays) by joining a small guided tour which also offers the chance to get a glimpse of the radio transmitters inside the tower of the former physics department of the university of Halle.

The installation is supported through a work stipend awarded by Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt and Kloster Bergesche Stiftung.