Ralf Wendt

Ralf Wendt works within time-based and literary arts on the deconstruction of human and animal language. Since the mid-90s he has thematised in performances, films and radio art a poetics of the Sub-linguistic. Creating moments of frozen time is the biggest challenge and the most exciting experience for him. The connection of the performative with the medium of radio led Ralf Wendt out of the galleries and festivals into the world of radio. At Halle’s free Radio Corax he finds the working conditions that he could not obtain at Deutschlandradio Kultur, SWR and other public broadcasters. Wendt is internationally active in the performance collective TheWolfInTheWinter.
As a curator of art, music or radio art festivals, Wendt brings together components and artists of transgression, in keeping with the saying of Heiner Müller: “the healed world is the last”. In newly arising wastelands the anarchic art production leads to Wendt’s elixir.


Pictures to Ralf Wendt