Resounding Sprachzweifel:

30. Okt. 22:42
The very last performance of the Revolten Festival belonged to Radio Corax’ collaboration with “SUBstrakt featuring” staging Helen Hahmann at a desk with a multiple arrangement of DIY sounding devices and converted instruments. Her performance was – despite the accompanying play-back of harsh industrial beats – strangely tender, forceful and elevating all at the same time. I find it hard to actually „say“ something about it, maybe because of her at times hypnotically uttered statements on speechlessness? „Sometimes I don’t know what to say.“




Her performance was so explicitly placed in „den Vorfeldern der Sprachlichkeit“ (in the „pre-spaces“ of speech?… or within the unspeakable?) and where are we when we don’t know what to say? What states of mind frame the unspeakable: pure emotions? All I can say is that I was touched and impressed by her percussive handling of tins, bone and timber xylophones, cow bells and table harps (actually it looked like a kantele, but I am not sure). My mind wandered to Kleist and Wittgenstein but basically it rested in pure joy in view of this vulnerable mix of energy, alternative noise and tenderness.