Sufi Radio

7. Okt. reflecting on an evening on the 5th., written on the 6th, 19:50

There is a slightly eerie feeling when little machines move about the floor, making slurring noises and looking half cute half mischievous. Two of those, litte speakers, mute except for the sound that emanates from their movement hobble across the parquet: the beginning of Rodrigo Ríos Zunino and Fernando Godoy’s performance on the 5th of October in the Radio Revolten Club, Halle.


As the performance unfolds the musician make use of a quite „organic“ instrumentarium: arrays of sound bowls touched by a bow string, or radios hissing static that are spinned by the hands of Fernando as he walks through the room. Movement and spinning make this performance unusual if you compare it to the normally silent posture of performers focussing on their laptops or electronic desks. The idea of spinning is central to the artistic concept of this duo: Everything spins! And there is certainly a spiritual dimension to it too that – as I watch Rodrigo turning around and around with a spinning thunder stick in a slowly accelerating –  reminds of Sufi ceremonial dances.