Sunday Morning

16. Okt. 10:33

When I woke up this morning I found it hard to decide which of the events of the preceding day I should pick to start with in the diary?

My chat with Xentos „Fray“ Bentos in the office upstairs on writing?

Mary Stark’s performance, all silhouette, film strips and a sewing machine? My second visit to the Transmission Philosophy workshop with Victor Mazon where the air was smelly with the fumes of solder wire?
A description of the – as Sarah said – „substantial“ fish soup at the Vietnamese. Truly,  it was substatial… and fatty… and put such a lingering taste of dill on the palate that I went to Karstadt to buy myself a „festival toothbrush“.

Or the echoes of Willem de Ridders recorded (macho) radio play with intimate sighs and soft murmurs about a full moon and moans and groans of pain (?),  pleasure (?) or child birth? About his history of media, or maybe: the ensuing improvised and hilarious radio play improvisation with members of the audience?

You see… . For now it is breakfast, after all, this is a Sunday morning.