Handmade Radio Art

20:32, 23 Okt.

A single loudspeaker stands on a table, nicely illuminated by a spotlight. What are we to expect from this… a single speaker? Alessandro Bosetti and Anne Laure Pigache had conducted a workshop at Radio Revolten on handmade radio art, its result lead to a collective vocal performance.
A glance into my notes on the following day shows me this:

+++ imagination rays and light + focus + vision +++ speaker as mouth + planes + sparks + notes+  breath + hiss + contemplation + perception = sound loudness +++ inuit breathing


Maybe this becomes more comprehensible when I say that the text that sparked up in fragments between the choir of  breathers, sniffers, grunts, snorts and moans dealt with a mediation practice that preceded the vocal improvisations. Instead of looking at a mandala the group focused on a speaker. The main body of the text was written by Mark Vernon and interspersed with the observations from other members of the group. As with Bosetti’s former piece, the dynamic of the play grounded in complex patterns of voices that varied in loudness and intensity, that same in pairs, single or collectively. Even though there was zero stereo effect the performance evoked a sense of space and intense interplay. As the piece came to a close the shadowy figures of the workshop members glided into vision with Laura and Alessandro improvising a slow dance on each side of the still whispering speaker. Applause.