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Veranstaltungen für 1. October 2016


Veranstaltungen für 1. October 2016


Is there something better than silence in the night? Tonight: Brussels based radiophonic platform has commissioned 170 works from artists between 2005-2012 and published them on their website....

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Surprises, catastrophies, radio art. 10.15 Data Dump Installment 001 - Xentos Fray Bentos 10.45 Swimming in the stream - Lucinda Guy (live) 12.15 Oido Salvaje - Antenas Intervenciones 13.15 small...

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Marold Langer-Philippsen sendet sein Orakelradio live aus der Türmerwohnung der Marktkirche. Jeden Tag von 17- 18 Uhr auf UKW 99,3 und davor und danach auf

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Giant orchestral instrument the Quadraphone comes to Halle. Consisting of hybrid devices between speaker and instrument, run on mechanical power. Controlled by radio they will sound from the rooftops of the market square along with the Carillon in the Red Tower.

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Radio Corax and Werkleitz celebrate the joint opening of the international radio art festival Radio Revolten and Werkleitz Festival 2016 Trans-Positionen. The Resonance Radio Orchestra from London is performing a newly commissioned work.

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Is there something better than silence in the night?
Tonight: Extremity Cassette
A generative audio piece by Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise

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