gregory whitehead

28th October: Gregory Whitehead at Radio Revolten Klub

28th October: Gregory Whitehead LIVE in the Radio Revolten Klub

28th October: Gregory Whitehead – performance talk

Gregory Whitehead / Tetsuo Kogawa / Roberto Paci Dalò

Gregory Whitehead's "ON THE SHORE DIMLY SEEN - no-touch torture, sound waves and the destruction of the self" stands opposite Tetsuo Kogawa's radio wave performance emanating from Tokyo. Plus a performance of Roberto Paci Dalò's "1915 The Armenian Files".

Gregory Whitehead

Creator of more than one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures for the BBC, Radio France, Deutschland Radio, Australia’s ABC, NPR and others. Often interweaving documentary and fictive materials...

Festival-Book: Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art

The festival Radio Revolten 2016 and the book “30 Days of Radio Art” reclaim FM radio as an open-access medium for cultural use. “30 Days of Radio Art” covers the...

14 March 2019: Launch of the book “Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art”

Two years after the Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival, Radio CORAX invites you to celebrate the unusual and playful radio. To mark the publication of the Radio Art Festival...

Crowdfunding for Radio Revolten Book

We are launching a book about: „Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art“ The book covers the presented artworks and daily events of Radio Revolten alongside contemporary thinking by radio...

Radio Cabaret + Alien Creatures

28. Oct, 23:15 Much was expected from this almost ultimate Revolten Klub evening with the radio art pioneers Gregory Whitehead and Tetsuo Kogawa starred in the program. Additionally, the  Italian...

Radiorevolten Opening

Halle / Dream 8:30, 1. Okt. 2016 The morning is wet and fresh, the asters are dripping with rain, the sky is promising drizzle. Last night I crawled with the...

FM for Culture! Revolten-Artists start a Radio-Manifesto

A Radio Revolt will take place in Halle (Saale) throughout October, which will widely claim the VHF radio space, and demand „FM for Culture” for the upcoming decade. The International...

Radio Space is the Place

Conference, Oct. 27th/28th
Hallescher Saal, Uniring 5
06108 Halle
5 Panels, free entry
Language: English

This international conference blends lectures with an open round-table format, where invited artists, practitioners and researchers together with audience discuss the challenges and potentials of working across frequencies in expanded radio space.